Somewhere off the beaten track in Burkina Faso

Somewhere off the beaten track in Burkina Faso

Originally posted to HUBB on 17th June, 2017

Currently in Cotonou, Benin and heading to Lagos. Quick update though. 

Bamako to Burkina Faso
Border crossing near Bobo was mellow. No stress or squeeze for bribes or gifts or whatever. 

We decided to try our luck getting a Ghana visa at the border rather than the fuss of going to Ouagadougou. We went to the Hamil border and the immigration officers there were very helpful. We could get a 4 day transit visa for US$150. They don't actually have them on hand there, but they made some calls and said they could make it work. We ultimately opted against spending the money as we would have only spent a day transmitting through. They did say that the Pagga border crossing was better equipped to issue this visa. If you have the time it is cheaper and a longer duration in Ouagadougou. 

Doubling back we traced the Ghana border east towards Togo on some great dirt roads. Over 400kms of them. It was great riding and different slice of life. On road on Google maps listed a solid yellow road that turned out to be a sandy single trail that took us down the rabbit hole. One of the highlights of the trip. We even managed a swim in the dam reservoir half way along for our troubles. 

Entering Togo was easy with the VTE. Motorcycle import was he standard 5000CFA. 

The streets of Cotonou after a monsoonal downpour that would be a taste of things to come.

The streets of Cotonou after a monsoonal downpour that would be a taste of things to come.

We got our Rep of Congo visa easily within an hour. 2 passport photos, passport photocopy and photocopy of 3 other African visas. There was a copy shop directly opposite the Congo embassy or whatever it is. It is a non-descript apartment building down a rough track. The iOverlander map location was accurate. They let us park our motorcycles in the garage while they processed our visas. Great experience. 

Togo to Benin
Easiest so far. Offices are signposted at the border for a change and friendly on both sides. No TIP or papers required for the bikes in Benin. Weird but true. 

DRC visa Contonou
IOverlander app lists the correct location in an odd part of town. 
We arrived a little late without enough CFAs but they accommodated us and we had our visa within an hour. They take a digital photo but also require 2 passport photos and passport photocopy. The visa is a nice visa, embossed and everything. Looks cool. 
The Chef d'Poste laughed when we said we were riding from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi. She said there were no roads and it wasn't possible. Was funny. 

Anyway will update on how we fair in Nigeria.